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E-Learning Quasar

The Quasar Way goes On Demand

Learn more about how we decided to apply our vision and our method to a new On Demand educational offer. All the experience of Quasar Institute blends today with the need to bring you the quality of our courses wherever you are!

The reasons why

Since 1987, Quasar Institute for Advanced Design embodies, as an institution, those same values of innovation, research and design quality that it transmits to its students. Today, we have decided to apply our vision and our method to the E-learning universe, presenting the highest quality On Demand offer. We have selected our best teachers for you and designed smart courses that can be streamed wherever you are, whenever you want!

Our mission is to constantly update this platform with quality content capable of providing new knowledge.

Feel free to view your courses whenever you want, and be part of an ever-expanding community!

Interior Styles and Trends

Interior Design

99,90 €

The knowledge of the stylistic characteristics of the decoration and the specific techniques to make them is a core skill for an interior designer

Interior Design: Materials and Techniques

Interior Design

99,90 €

Get to the heart of Interior design and discover all the materials and technologies to “dress up” environments like a true professional.

Designing the Interior

Interior Design

99,90 €

Drawings are the language of the project, and designing the interiors means shaping the project and communicating it to others.

All the secrets of the Interior

Interior Design

149,90 €

Our most complete Interior Design course: 10 hours that will allow you to discover all the secrets of this world, in which you will finally be able to take your first steps in this discipline independently.