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All the secrets of the Interior

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Our most complete Interior Design course: 10 hours that will allow you to discover all the secrets of this world, in which you will finally be able to take your first steps in this discipline independently. In this collection you will find three of our E-Learning courses:

Interior Styles and Trends: the didactic area that will allow you to learn color combinations between objects, and coordination of aesthetics to create your own style

Interior Design Materials and Techniques: a module that introduces you to the materials and technical solutions that give life to ideas and projects

Designing the Interior: the third and most practical of our modules, in which you will learn how to sketch your ideas and make them projects on paper and digitally.


  • Compendium
  • Sitography
  • Filmography
  • Reference styles and Interior designers for each style examined


From the creation of moodboards, to material schemes, to the design of your projects: each module will challenge you with exercises of increasing difficulty, to learn how to develop and put your ideas into practice.

Styles and Trends


Materials and Techniques


Interior design



interior design secrets


Alessandra Precenzano - Interior Designer specialized in bespoke projects for prestigious international clients. For Quasar Institute For Advanced Design, she teaches the furnishing techniques course within the Interior design master. Her constant research in the field of interiors leads her to always explore new styles and trends and to use materials, finishes and artisan techniques linked to made in Italy.

Daniele Giorgi - Architect specialized in materials technology, containment of the buildings energy cost and use of renewable resources. In 2018 he founded the studio "Daniele Giorgi Architect - Vestire lo Spazio", focusing his business on Interior Design and interior materials.

Emiliano Auriemma - Architect, lives and works in Rome. He deals with the representation of architecture with particular attention to the relationship between digital and analog methods of representation. He's the holder of the Technical Design course of the first year of the Habitat Design degree course at Quasar.

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