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Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

E-Learning Quasar

Discover the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design's on-demand courses: we have translated our thirty years of experience in Design Education into a distance learning platform, showcasing a portfolio of courses in constant evolution. Watch, learn, practice and get feedback from our successful teachers, professionals and designers who will guide you through a series of video lessons to unleash your creativity!

Interior Styles and Trends

Interior Design

99,90 €

The knowledge of the stylistic characteristics of the decoration and the specific techniques to make them is a core skill for an interior designer.

Interior Design: Materials and Techniques

Interior Design

99,90 €

Get to the heart of Interior design and discover all the materials and technologies to “dress up” environments like a true professional.

Designing the Interior

Interior Design

99,90 €

Drawings are the language of the project, and designing the interiors means shaping the project and communicating it to others.

All the secrets of the Interior

Interior Design

149,90 €

Our most complete Interior Design course: 10 hours that will allow you to discover all the secrets of this world, in which you will finally be able to take your first steps in this discipline independently.

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    E-Learning by Quasar Institute

    Online courses by Quasar

    Every year we host hundreds of students in our classrooms: now we put all our experience as an accredited Academy that has been active for over thirty years, into a service of On-Demand e-Learning platform. Why choose us?

    Take your course any time and any place you want.

    Join the lessons from tablet, pc or mobile, check your progress and complete the course in total freedom and autonomy!

    A course that is yours forever

    Once you are enrolled, you will be able to take advantage of the course without limitations: lessons, learning tools and discussion forums are always at your disposal, whenever you want and for how long you want!

    Experienced Lecturers

    Not teachers, but industry professionals with remarkable experiences in the Design field. Learn only from the best!
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    Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

    Discover our classroom-based academic offer

    Graphic Designer, Interaction Designer, Interior Designer, Art Director, 3D Prototyper: these are some of the most requested professionals in the world of design, architecture and communication. Discover the classroom-based academic offer of Quasar Institute for Advanced Design, from Bachelor's to Master's courses up to a wide range of short courses that will help you keep up with the requirements of the creative job market.